3 Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under £20.

Reminder! Mother’s day is in less than 2 weeks! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As with many celebrations, a lot of buying for buying’s sake goes on – perhaps even ‘panic buying’ (don’t worry we’re all guilty on that charge). Here I help you make a more eco-conscious choice, but that will still bring immense pleasure. Don’t forget the brown or recycled wrapping paper to present them in!

Mother’s Day can also be quite a sad or troubling time for many, and this is often overlooked by marketing of many brands and products. The following gifts are not necessarily for mums. They can be for anyone – why not treat yourself to one (or maybe all 3). All are under £20!

The following are good for the environment, cruelty free or donate to the invaluable work of conservation charities.  In my opinion, they are all really nice – yes, I have tried and tested them (still waiting for the flowers though)! I hope you, or more aptly your mum, like them too!

I have linked the websites. Just click on each heading!

Look after your Mum by looking after Mother Nature.

Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath

‘As passionate advocates of organic living we want to help people to live happier, healthier lives and protect our beautiful planet.’

Anabel and Barnabas, Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a company I’ve known about for a long time, but this is the first product I have tried. This bubble bath smells amazing, very herbal and relaxing – very spa like.

It doesn’t produce masses of big bubbles, but a lot of softening bubbles to help you destress. This would be perfect for eco-conscious mums who are rushed off their feet and rarely have a moment to themselves to indulge and relax.

Established in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies have long been associated with clean beauty and skincare. Their iconic blue glass bottles (which cleverly protects the product from UV, so less preservatives are used) are easy to spot in shops across the country.

This brand is cruelty free, certified organic by the Soil Association and all the products are made in the UK at their eco-factory in Dorset with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.

If that wasn’t enough, this pioneering brand are also ‘Ethical Pioneers’, receiving 100/100 for ethics by The Ethical Company Organisation in 2014.

£15.50 for 200ml


Hedgehog Mix Tin  supporting People’s Trust for Endangered Species 

‘We want Seedball to inspire a wildlife gardening revolution while providing a very handy way of going about it! Conservation is in our heart and soul and one day we dream to fund our own Seedball wildlflower reserves. Watch this space!!!’

Emily and Ana, Seedball.

If your mother is a horticultural goddess or loves to give little plants a chance, Seedball might be right up her (garden) path.  Winning the 2017 Gift of the Year Award, these are sure to bring a smile to her face and also help all of the pollinators and other wildlife in her garden and surrounding area!

Seedball provides a plethora of tins, containing different seeds or supporting different charities. This particular tin supports the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Whatever type of soil or level of sunlight the garden receives, whether big or small, there will be something from Seedball that will work wonders!

The wildflower seeds are contained in peat free compost and clay (to stop any greedy birds eating them – there’ll be plenty of invertebrates for the birds, once the plants are established), so are ready to go. You don’t even have to dig – especially helpful if your mum can’t spend a lot of time planting or has mobility issues. Simply scatter on your chosen area of earth, about 10 cm away from each other, water and hey presto! Let mother nature do the work!

Some will flower this summer, but the majority will be in full bloom next year, so it’s a long term gift!



Beefayre Peony Rose set of 3 tea lights

‘Beefayre is a company inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. We are passionate about creating beautiful products that don’t cost the earth – literally.’

‘Bees act as a barometer of the health of our planet. Protect them and we protect our future.’


These little tea lights smell AMAZING! For only a small candle, they throw out a really strong, but not overpowering scent of rose and peony. Great for anyone who likes floral scents but ones that are not too sickly.

According to the website it states that this scent contains cedar, sandalwood, rosebuds, jasmine and lily.

Each set contains 3 tea lights in glass holders, which is fantastic as these can then be recycled (even better for the environment!), with each tea light burning for approximately 7 hours.

They are also vegan friendly!

This company is fantastic because 3% of the profits are donated to bee conservation! Plus the art on the cardboard packaging is stunning. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and made in the UK (cuts down on the carbon footprint)!


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