Charlotte’s Ramblings

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I know that the lockdown is starting to affect us all, if it hasn't already. I don't have a planned post for you this week. I'm sorry. Although, I have been a busy little bee, organising and planning some exciting posts which I have in the pipeline [...]

Ways to connect to nature in isolation, when you don’t have a garden.

Hello there and welcome back to Foxglove and Bee. In my last post I talked about all the different ways you can connect to nature during lockdown in your garden. However, I realise that not everyone has a garden and finds getting out and about on their daily exercise quite challenging for various reasons. Not [...]

Cambridge Science Festival and volunteering at the Museum of Zoology.

Hello! Last month I travelled down to Cambridge to volunteer at the Museum of Zoology. Let me tell you, it is a fantastic place to visit, whether it is with  your family or alone, you won't regret it. It is full of fabulous specimens and fantastic information for you to soak up! Plus it is free [...]