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Hello everyone. Hope you are all ok. I can't believe that it is the end of May. Where has the time gone? May is probably one of my most favourite months of the year, but it was always tarnished by immense anxiety about various upcoming exams, whether that be at school or university. So sadly [...]

Getting kids into nature; Button and Squirt.

Getting kids into nature; Button and Squirt.

Welcome to another instalment from Foxglove and Bee. This week I talk about the fabulous Button and Squirt. They provide an amazing variety of products but I am focusing on their Activity books, full to the brim with facts and colour. It's a really useful resource to help with home schooling and for getting children interested in the natural world.

Nature Friendly Baking; Orange, Ginger, Cranberry and Granola Flapjack. Jordans Cereals.

Hello everyone! Hope you are all ok. As well as communicating vital science to help conserve nature and our fabulous wildlife, sometimes we need to work on how we change our lifestyles. By no means are these massive changes, but if everyone made them, this would make a massive impact.  Agriculture is the biggest threat [...]

Bramley Products; Natural, Cruelty Free and Sustainable Skincare.

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well. One thing I have learnt in the past few years is to make sure I practice self-care. Now this can be a variation of different things; baths, face masks, walks, listening to music, watching something funny, asking for help. What works for me might not work for [...]