Charlotte’s Ramblings

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all ok.

I can’t believe that it is the end of May. Where has the time gone?

May is probably one of my most favourite months of the year, but it was always tarnished by immense anxiety about various upcoming exams, whether that be at school or university. So sadly for a while, whenever I saw the leaves starting to appear, I felt my tummy turn to water and my heart rate increase quite a bit. Thankfully, I haven’t had to sit exams for quite a while, so now I have been able to enjoy the beauty of May to  my hearts content. 

I also find May one of the most inspirational months, I find my spirits lift a little and I am more creative in general. I know BBC Springwatch is just around the corner and the garden is just starting to bloom in the most fabulous colours and scents. Plus nature  just EXPLODES.  Birdsong non stop and, the buzz of bees and insects everywhere, as well as the squeaks of newly hatched chicks. It truly is glorious.

As I said earlier, I often feel more creative on bright and sunny days. One way I can be creative myself, is through writing. Not journaling, I haven’t managed to get into that, but I really find creative writing therapeutic – it’s a form of mindfulness for me. You have to force your mind to being present and to notice the small details. So, whilst I have been outside pottering about, I made mental notes of the things I could see, hear, smell and touch. I then sat down this afternoon and thought I would see where it went. Some might find it ‘arty farty’ but I really like it. If I can give it a go,  you certainly can.

Golden Light through Welsh Poppies.

‘The crystal clear sky is open; vast and blue. Swifts scream high above, like boomerangs swirling through the sky; they rejoice at the return of summer. The bright sun warms your face; soft and gentle. House martins chitter and chatter, flitting hither and thither catching a morsel to eat. Fresh lime green leaves, float in the gentle breeze, casting dappled light across the tender earth, an enchanting natural mobile soothing our wondering minds. Cascading, iridescent orbs bounce off the delicate pink flowers, and the scent of warm, damp earth floods your nostrils. A disgruntled bee buzzes past, eagerly collecting their golden bounty. The deep vibrations of their wings reverberate and break the soft swishing of the long grass, casting shadows on the floor.’ 

There we are.

I hope this inspired you to find your creative way of expressing how nature influences you. 

Let me know how you like to express your creativity.

Charlotte xoxo

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