Bolt Beauty – Skincare in a Seaweed Capsule.

Hello everyone!

In this post I would like to introduce you to Bolt Beauty. A brand new, innovative, cruelty free and eco-friendly company founded by Lisa Sexton. This brand launched on the 23rd March, so has been working so incredibly hard throughout lockdown.

The fundamental basis for this brand is that skin care should be zero hassle. On their website, they state that skincare should fit 3 requirements:

  1. It must be simple
  2. It must work
  3. It must be safe

It’s such a breath of fresh air isn’t it? Far better than being bombarded with different products, for different things. Ingredients that look like spells from Harry Potter. And it makes it so simple to travel with.

In fact, a travel panic, was how this brand was born. Founder Lisa and her boyfriend went on a three week holiday, which sounds fabulous, something we are all wishing for at the moment. But to her horror, Lisa discovered that she was only allowed to take hand luggage. I understand  this horror. As many people who know me will testify that I definitely don’t travel light and I feel guilty for buying plastic travel minis! When she returned home from this holiday she came up with Bolt Beauty.

Plastic Free Bolt Beauty Delivery Packaging.

Now I know a few of you might be thinking, Charlotte, don’t pretend your a beauty blogger. Well I’m not, but at the same time I am, as well as a nature blogger and aspiring science communicator.

I certainly don’t believe that people are going to suddenly wake up one morning and stop buying and using beauty/skincare products which will then lead to the fall of the beauty industry, which lets face it supports millions of jobs. But what I do believe in, is supporting and promoting the work of innovative brands, who are really trying to care for the environment, not testing their ingredients or products on animals and using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging alternatives. 

This makes my heart sing because it means that we can work in harmony with the natural world. To stop or reduce a negative impact on the planet, you don’t have to sell up and live in a cave in the middle of nowhere and forage what you can find to survive. That’s just not going to happen and nor is it viable – there’s very little true wilderness left due to the explosion of the human population.

But making changes here and there, which you can build on over time, and promote by buying and telling your friends about it, will help that brand and become a real game changer on the market which will lead to competition and an increase in those positive aspects towards the planet. 

Bolt Beauty, I believe, is one of those brands. As I have mentioned, their capsules are made from seaweed; and is turned into Carrageenan  to be precise. This means that it is vegan as well.

I have seen seaweed being trialled for packaging before, in Liz Bonnin’s Drowning in Plastic documentary and wished this could be used in industries across the world. 

It’s natural, zero carbon footprint, and creates a livelihood for small-scale farmers.

Bolt Beauty

It is also carbon neutral, and this part I am going to take straight from their website, as I really can’t explain it any better!

‘Carrageenan is considered to be one of the world’s most sustainable crops. It grows quickly and requires no fresh water, land, or fertilisers.
Even better, seaweed helps combat climate change. Just like trees, it sucks up CO2 through the process of photosynthesis, acting as a carbon offset. It also reduces the acidification and deoxygenation of the ocean, helping to fight the impacts of global warming on our seas.’

Once you have used them, you simply dispose of them in your compost bin or dissolve them in water.

Image taken from Bolt Beauty Website.

They have even committed to being a Carbon Neutral company, and for emissions that they cannot forgo, they will offset through Gold Standard carbon credits. This is music to my ears. 

But what are the capsules actually like? Are they worth it?

I purchased the ‘Stackable’ set of capsules for £18 which includes:

  • 6 capsules of cleanser – Filthy Clean.
  • 6 capsules of moisturiser – Mad about Moisture.
  • 3 capsules of primer – Glow don’t Shine.
  • 3 capsules of Vitamin A – Vitamin A Game.

These are stored in a plastic jar which you keep for life as additional capsules you buy are sent in compostable bags. 1 capsule equates to one use, they are perfectly measured to give a generous covering over your face. 

I bought the stackable because it is a great way to discover all the products they have available in one go, as the large jars of each product are £50 each. The ‘Stackable’ is fabulous to figure out if you have  a particular favourite or for travelling. You get 3 days of morning and evening application in this set, so it is ideal for long weekends away. 

The capsules are colour coordinated (and very pretty), so you can tell which product is in each, plus you get a card detailing which one is which, so there’s no need to panic. 

On their website they describe the capsules as feeling like plump blueberries, and I found this to be a pretty accurate description, some are softer than others, but not by much at all. To use them, all you do is nip and twist the thin part of the capsule and squeeze out the contents and apply.

The textures vary, but the one that surprised me the most was the moisturiser. You get enough to cover your face and neck, but the texture is unlike anything I have tried in a moisturiser. It’s not unpleasant, don’t get me wrong and it works. It reminds me of a dry oil, not greasy and it lasts a long time so you don’t get that tight feeling on your face.

Overall, they’re really good, and not just a gimmick. I really want to get the large jars, but sadly that might have to wait until after lockdown. But nevertheless I am a fan and I really encourage you to have a look, and try to make changes to more environmentally friendly brands like Bolt Beauty.

Empty Capsules dissolving in hot water.

Hope you find this informative and useful. I wouldn’t write about something I am not impressed about or hopeful for and I look forward to seeing what else Bolt Beauty creates, I believe there are exciting things to come!

See you soon.



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