The Wildlife Trusts “30 days wild” challenge: Week Two!

Hello everyone and welcome to my account of week 2 in the Wildlife Trust’s “30 days wild” challenge. I absolutely love what you are all getting up to for this challenge, there were so many inspiring ideas!

Is it just me or is this challenge flying by? Maybe it’s because I know I’ll be returning to work next week? But one thing’s for definite; I will be making the most of any time I can spend reconnecting to nature.

After an amazing week last week, I wonder what adventures this week will hold? The weather is meant to go downhill, so I am expecting lots of indoor activities. So without further ado, here’s how I got on in week 2.

Monday 8th June.

Good morning!

I have just finished watching Nick Baker’s Instagram Live and I am now ready to make the most of the day. But when I opened my curtains, I was not met by the gorgeous hazy summer sunshine I was hoping for. It is very dull, damp and drizzly.

But fear not! I am still going to think of something to participate in this challenge. After mulling it over with a cup of tea and casually looking out of the window, I noticed Blackbirds in the back garden gathering nesting material, so once the rain had eased a bit I decided to see if I could find the area of the garden where they were building their nest.

It didn’t take long at all. In a close by Hawthorn bush, just above head height, I glimpsed a nest. And they must have just finished sprucing it up as she was already sitting, keeping the nest warm whilst the rain continued to fall. Don’t worry, as soon as I glimpsed the nest through the foliage, I moved away and gave them space. Hopefully in a few weeks there will be yet more blackbirds hopping about in the garden.

Tuesday 9th June.

Hello hello!

Today is yet another dull day. But I have decided to make the most of it and write up a blog post about a walk I did at the weekend. Reliving your favourite nature moments really makes you realise how much you love it and how great it makes you feel. This post will be up on Tuesday, so please have a look. It may or may not document an amazing experience I had with a Wren. I shall say no more…

Memories of Cow Parsley from my amazing walk at the weekend.

Wednesday 10th June.

Oh my goodness, where has the sun gone? I was reasonably happy with the rain at the beginning of the week, because our flowers and wildlife really needed it after such a scorcher last week, but now I feel as if we have bypassed summer and gone straight to October. Does anyone else feel the same?

I have to admit that I am struggling a little bit for ideas today. What can I do when I’m stuck inside? 

But Charlotte, what are you on about? There are a lot of people doing this challenge who don’t have a garden, and they are thinking of amazing ways to connect to nature all the time!

Ok, ok. Let me think. Right, well last week I set some flowers and leaves away to dry by pressing them. But I also discovered some flowers that had been drying for a couple of weeks and are ready to go. But go where?  Into what? 

Well with a stroke of luck, we have a spare glass frame tucked away in a cupboard so I have decided to make a fancy botanical frame with my pressed flowers. It was pretty easy actually. I just set the pressed botanicals in an arrangement I liked and bolted the frame. 

You could also make a card to send to love ones with pressed flowers, and they are a lovely reminder of nature’s calendar, plus you really get to notice the patterns and details of plants you would normally overlook as well.

Botanical frame using pressed flowers. The bluebell pictured was a broken one from my garden. Don’t pick wild bluebells.

Thursday 11th June.

Still no let up with the miserable weather, but let’s not dwell, but focus instead on the fabulous and creative ways we can connect to nature when the weather isn’t so good, and you would rather not go out.

Today I have decided to look back at some of the people that influenced my love of the natural world and inspired me to study Zoology at University. Now, there are many people to choose from, but I have chosen Beatrix Potter.

We all know and love her charming stories and illustrations from when we were children, but not many people know that she was actually a budding scientist, and focussed her attentions on Mycology – the study of Fungi. As well as making several breath taking studies of various species of fungi, she also wrote a paper detailing her thoughts behind fungi reproduction. However, because she was a woman and considered an ‘amateur’ she was essentially laughed at and was not allowed to read her paper at the Linnaean Society. In fact, in 1997, the Linnaean Society gave a posthumous apology to Potter, for the sexist way that her research was handled.

I love her illustrations and her stories, even to this day. But I hold her as one of my heroes for giving the seemingly impossible a go, in days when others did not want you to succeed. 

Book about Beatrix Potter and her sketches, paintings and illustrations by Emily Zach, Steven Heller, Linda Lear and Eleanor Taylor.

Friday 12th June.

Nearly another week is over, and thoughts about returning to work whilst still in the midst of a pandemic are slightly worrying to say the least. 

When we had dry sunny weather, I ordered a yoga mat and did a bit of yoga in the garden each day. It was so great. To be stretching and listening to the sounds of nature was so soothing. But sadly, with the wet weather, I have not been able to do this. So today I shall unroll my yoga mat, put on some nature soundscapes – a really good one is the RSPB Radio. You can listen to this through their website or download the app to your phone etc. and take some time to relax.

Saturday 13th June.

It’s the weekend, (if that means anything to anyone anymore) and that means it is the penultimate day of week 2 of the 30 days wild challenge!

I have just spent a lovely time looking at the Wildlife Trusts webcams. Bringing you live footage from all over the country, it is a great way to virtually travel the country to some amazing habitats and reserves and have a nosey at what wildlife has been up to throughout lockdown. Wildlife certainly has been busy!

I will leave the link here for you to have a look – Click here.


Sunday 14th June.

I can’t quite believe that it is the last day of week 2 of this challenge!

The weather is starting to warm up a bit, but it still doesn’t feel like June!

Nevertheless, that won’t stop me from getting up to my various nature antics. Today, I am catching up on one of the Natural History themed podcasts I like to listen to. Today I am catching up with Trees a Crowd podcast, as I have fallen a bit behind. The episodes are really interesting and engaging; I have mentioned them before in my ‘ways to connect to nature without a garden‘ post and would really recommend you have a listen.

Trees a crowd podcast logo from

So there you have it, my round up of week 2. Hope you enjoyed it and are getting involved yourself. If not, there is still plenty of time and you can encourage your friends and family to participate as well! 

It really focuses your find to notice the details in nature and take a step back from stresses that may be going on in your mind. 

Let me know what you have been up to or have planned. I would love to know.

See you next week, for the round up of week 3!



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