Nature and Art; An Interview with Annie Brougham Illustration


Welcome to another instalment of Nature and Art. In this episode I am introducing you to Annie Brougham Illustration. Annie is an amazing illustrator, artist and stationary designer and I LOVE HER WORK!! 

I proudly own three prints and they are so beautiful. Based in Pembrokeshire Annie loves the outdoors and there are beautiful botanical and wildlife paintings inspired by nature in her surroundings among her selection.

Image used with permission of Annie Brougham Illustration.

What, in particular, sparked your interest to use nature and wildlife as your subject in your artwork? 

I have been fascinated by flowers, leaves, ferns, seed  heads… anything to be found in nature.. since I was really young. I’m always stopping to pick things up or take a better look. My fiancé is very patient! The infinite variety of structures and colours and the fact that they are just there doing their own thing, without human interaction, is a form of magic to me. I think drawing them is sort of a way to collect and keep them, and I also wanted to inspire others to notice the beautiful wild things around them that can be enjoyed for free!

Have you always wanted to become an artist or was it something you picked up later in your adult years?

I have always been interested in art and drawing, but I didn’t expect to make a career out of it. That came much later. My Dad is an architect, so very visual and was always inspiring me to draw when we went on holiday or just on days out. I went on to study History of Art at university, doing a Masters degree with the idea that I wanted to work in galleries, but quickly realised that it wasn’t the work I wanted to do, and that I missed creating. What started as a project in my spare time slowly developed into a full time business and I couldn’t be happier now!

What would you say to someone, who really wanted to express themselves through art, but was afraid to start through lack of confidence?

Just start somewhere. I think keeping a personal sketchbook or diary that you don’t intend anyone to see is always very freeing, and a useful tool alongside other art you may create. It’s a good way to practise and a mindful activity for reducing stress. A nature journal incorporating things you find on walks is a lovely way of exploring textures and forms, and experimenting with different mediums. Try to imagine how you felt when you sat down to draw as a child, we all acquire a fear of perfection (I know this is definitely something I struggle with) but finding enjoyment from the process of being creative is really the goal.

What is your favourite habitat to visit, e.g. woodland, coastal, meadowland etc and why? 

I live by the sea, and escaping to the beach or headland is the best way for me to clear my head and gain perspective. There is nothing like it. There is a coastal woodland I like to visit that as you walk through it develops from deciduous trees and ferns, to sandy ground with evergreens, and then opens out into sand dunes with marram grass. It’s my favourite walk as there is such a variety of nature to take in, and you get to see three completely different habitats.

Image used with permission of Annie Brougham Illustration.

What is your favourite time of year? Do you find that the different seasons inspire your work differently?

I like the months where you can really see nature doing things. Late spring and early autumn, where transitions are happening daily, I love these times.

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I love the simple but intricately detailed work Annie produces. They are truly beautiful. 

And also, Annie has just launched a range of writing supplies, including fabulous pens, nibs and inks.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Annie for posting cards purchased from her site and hand writing and posting them on your behalf. This is such a lovely thought initiated during lockdown, and it will have meant a  lot to the recipients and the senders of the cards. So thank you Annie for such a kind gesture. 



3 thoughts on “Nature and Art; An Interview with Annie Brougham Illustration

  1. The enthusiasm and thoughtfulness that comes from these interviews and the motivation to get out and try something – anything!- is very powerful and also quite humbling. The power and gift of an excellent communicator!

    Pembrokeshire is such a beautiful and special place and Annie’s art is a pure and incredibly lovely reflection of it. Thank you.

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