Nature friendly companies; Nectar and Bumble.

Good Morning my lovely people!

This post features an interview with the lovely Amber, founder of company Nectar and Bumble.  They stock a huge range of products, all relating to bees in some way. There really is something for everyone! I shall definitely be making a purchase when I can.

Bees in general are in huge decline, habitat loss and pesticides and industrial farming are all having a detrimental effect and they need all the help they can get – and only we can provide that help. Without the presence of bees in the world, the human race would not last long. So please, do help in whatever way you can; big or small. It will make a difference.


Image kindly provided by Nectar and Bumble.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Amber and I live in  Northampton with my husband. I run Nectar and Bumble from home (one of our spare bedrooms is my office/stock room full of our bee products!) My favourite product from our range is the Honey and Bumble phone case which makes me smile every time I pick up my phone!

How did Nectar and Bumble come about?

I had written a blog for a few years all about natural skincare and I started using a range that featured bees and it sort of stemmed from there really. I started seeing more bee themed home products and people would tag me in photos of bee themed things. I saw a gap in the market as there wasn’t another website stocking only bee products so I thought ‘Why not? Let’s give it a go!’ It’s been 4 years now and I am incredibly grateful to all of our customers!

What sorts of products and subscriptions do you offer?

We stock a range of gifts, homeware and natural skincare inspired by bees. Our most popular products are candles, mugs, jewellery, stationery, and our monthly subscription box which features 4-5 bee themed items each month.

10% of our profits are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Image kindly provided by Nectar and Bumble.

How can people help bees and conserve them in their everyday life?

There are plenty of things people can do to help bees in their day to day life. Bees need food to survive, so planting bee-friendly flowers (such as lavender, cosmos, phacelia, erysimum, geranium, borage etc) that bees can feed on throughout the year will be the biggest help – try to have flowers in your garden from March to October.

You can also give solitary bees a home with bee hotels – we have a range of specially made bee houses made from recycled concretewith the correct size cavities for different species of solitary bees.

You should also avoid using pesticides in your garden and if you see a struggling bee and there’s no flowers around,  a little bit of sugar water should help them on their way.

Have you studied bees in the past? If not, what sparked your passion?

I haven’t studied bees but I do love learning about bees and I can identify most of the top 8 bumblebees when I see them buzzing around my garden. My family are always surprised when I tell them what type of bee it is! I’m starting to learn more on the different species of solitary bees now which is interesting but more tricky as there’s over 250 species in the UK compared to 24 bumblebee species.

Image kindly provided by Nectar and Bumble.

What is it about bees that makes you so passionate about them?

Obviously, there’s the fact that we need to help conserve bumblebees and provide homes and habitats for solitary bees. But i think bumblebees are very cute! I love seeing them clumsily buzz from flower to flower getting covered in pollen!

Website and Social Media.


Bumblebee Conservation Trust – Click Here.

Thank you very much to Amber for taking part in this interview. Nectar and Bumble has so many products available on their website; from chocolate to jewellery,  and it is fantastic to see that 10% of profits are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 



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