Good Morning all.  Hope you are well.

Now, it is no secret that I love my smellies. I find them a great way to relax and they help me practice self care. This is something that I think is really important, especially today. We are under so much pressure in our lives, to perform well at school, university at work, in social realms, plus with a rise in ‘eco-anxiety’ and the troubles of the Coronavirus pandemic, it certainly is not selfish to look after yourself and your mind.

My forms of self care may be different to yours, that is fine. But I also like whatever form of self care I use to also care for the environment.

One company that I adore and does just that is Beefayre. 

Beefayre logo.
I have previously mentioned Beefayre in a previous post, but I wanted to dedicate a post to them alone. 

What is amazing about Beefayre is that they donate 3% of profits to Bee conservation charities. Founded by Sharon Jervis in 2012, Beefayre provides so many different kinds of products; candles, diffusers, hand cream, soap, art work etc. There is so much about this company I love. 

Beefayre is vegan and award winning and has a great ‘Beethos’

‘Beefayre is a company inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee. We are passionate about creating beautiful products that don’t cost the earth – literally.’

In the past, I have used their Peony and Rose tealight trio, which are lovely and make such a lovely gift for yourself or someone special. 

They are cruelty free, made in the UK and are made from natural ingredients – no nasties here! 
Peony and Rose Tealight Trio
These smell amazing and 3% goes to bee conservation charities.
I also purchased the ‘Bee Kind’ room diffuser, which is the rosemary and neroli scent, and OH MY GOODNESS!! It smells amazing! It has an amazing throw. In the past, I always half loved reed diffusers, I was never completely sure if they either,  weren’t very strong or if I had just got used to them. But this one is so strong. It fills the room straight away. The scent if clean and botanical, the neroli is gorgeous. 


The scent isn’t cloying or fake. It is very calming and spa like, so in a way it is quite invigorating too. 
Stunning illustration on Bee Kind Reed Diffuser packaging.
Reed diffuser with cute little gold bee.
Bee Kind Reed Diffuser.

And finally, founder and nature lover Sharon, also an artist, is the illustrator responsible for all of the beautiful illustrations on the packaging.  I never want to recycle them, they’re so pretty. You can now purchase prints by Sharon, on the website, which would look lovely in your home. I have just been decorating, and I am sure I can find a space somewhere to pop one in pride of place!

At the moment, you can also save 30% off their new range of hand creams – perfect for looking after your hands during the day after using harsh soaps and sanitizers. 

So I hope you love Beefayre as much as I do. To find a natural, cruelty free company that ticks all of the boxes, I hear are difficult to find, but I would say that Beefayre is one of them and what could be better  than giving back to and conserving nature through self care?

Contact and Social Media.

Beefayre Website – Click Here.
Beefayre Instagram – Click Here.
Beefayre Facebook – Click Here.
What forms of self care do you like to practice?


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