Posies from the garden.

Hello again! It has certainly been a while. I decided to take a little time off writing because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and I was struggling a bit. But I am so pleased that I did. I can feel my creative juices coming back and I have a few posts ready to be written.

I hope you don’t mind the long gap between posts, but we all need time to have a rest and recuperate, which is exactly what I needed. If you ever feel like this too, please don’t be afraid to tell people and look after yourself; it isn’t selfish when your wellbeing and mental state are at stake.

One of the little things that help me feel better, is making little posies of flowers from the garden and bringing them inside. It really is a lovely, beautiful and simple thing to do to connect to nature and bring a little bit of it into your home. Plus it means that you avoid the plastic covered bouquets (and lets face it, very expensive) from the supermarket.

Posy using flowers from the garden.

I have absolutely zero floristry knowledge at all. All I know is that you should cut the stems on an angle and remove any leaves under the water line.  Obviously you need to have flowers growing in your garden or window box etc. But all you really need is a small posy vase or reuse a small bottle e.g. a taster bottle of gin, rather than a big vase. Ideally you want to have something with a tall neck to support the stems. 

They make lovely gifts too!

I like to mix, plants including cosmos and dahlias with slender flowers such as lavender and different textured greenery. You can use whatever you have to hand; conifer, ivy, geranium leaves. I also really like to use scented leaves and herbs, as they make a posy more interesting and last longer; you can remove the flowers once they have gone over and the greenery will remain. Mint is really good and I have also just purchased some Blackcurrant Sage, which smells amazing! Don’t forget seed heads too; they are lovely, particularly scabious. 

What would be even better is to plant some wildflowers; they are beautiful in posies and they are great for the bees too! 

I any of you have watched the tv series Escape to the Chateau DIY, you may be aware of the beautiful Chateau de Lalande. One of the volunteers there Marie Wiik (@marie_wiik) is excellent at floristry and has a Youtube channel ‘Florals with Marie‘ that shows you how she makes her bouquets. If you love flowers, you must check it out!

Let me know if you have a go making some posies, I would love to know how you get on!



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