Growing tomatoes from supermarket fruit.

Hello again you lot! Hope you are ok! Today I am going all green-fingered!

I have always wanted to grow my own veg and even fruit, but have never had the time or patience to actually do it. Plus I don’t have a greenhouse, so we’re limited to  whatever can grow on a window sill. 

At the beginning of spring, just before lockdown began, I purchased some tomato seeds, and they germinated and were doing well, so well, they were moved out of the house and into the shed. But within a couple of weeks, they developed a silver sheen on their leaves and soon withered and died –  we think there was a fungus in the compost as it was repurposed. I was really disappointed! I thought I had cracked it!

But as luck would have it, one Friday night I was living the lockdown life watching Gardener’s World, where there was a segment this lady delivered about growing veg from left overs. ???

Excuse me, why have we never thought of this before? I have seen people re-growing spring onions on Instagram, but I don’t think I actually registered that you could actually do that! So, my competitiveness burst forth, and I went straight to the kitchen and got one of the tomatoes from the fridge and followed her instructions to the letter. 

I scooped out the seeds and laid them on a piece of kitchen roll and left them on the window sill to dry out for a couple of days. 

I planted them up in new compost and hoped for the best. Sure enough, in probably about a week, they germinated, so I kept looking after them, as if they were a new born baby, feeding them special food!

We had a few days of hot sunshine so out they went into the garden to soak up those rays and  on gloomier days, I reused some plastic tonic bottles, by cutting them in half and turning them into miniature greenhouses, which really helped when summer seemed to disappear all of a sudden!

Fast forwards a couple of months and they are still here and are so much bigger. But with summer being somewhat disappointing (so far), they still have not flowered, so I am not entirely sure if I will actually get any fruit this summer. Fingers crossed though!

My precious tomatoes and one of my lockdown projects!

Let me know if you have any horticultural tips to help me out!



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