Give Painting Nature a go!

I have always enjoyed being crafty. I’m not particularly good at it, and there are a lot of other people who are far more talented, but I like to have a go. More often than not, I am frustrated that what I create on paper is not what I had envisioned in my head, and I come out in a cold sweat as memories of GCSE Art resurface! 

But since then, I have realised that Art is what you make of it. You could create something so basic, but yet, in the art world, it could be worth thousands of pounds (if only that was the case for me!) 

So anyway, what I am attempting to say is, if a creative mood falls on you, make the most of it. Just doodle, use spare materials you have lying around. I didn’t go out and buy a load more art materials just for this. I found what I had in the garage. 

‘Every child is an artist . The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.’

Pablo Picasso

Now, as you may have already guessed, I have a fondness for bees. So I decided to draw one – not a scientific study, no no – just a little drawing  and see where it went. It also helps that bees are quite small, and you can make them as stylised as you want and they’ll still look good.

I’ll admit it here and now – I traced the outline. Creativity struck me at about 10.30 pm, and to be frank, I could not be bothered to draw it free hand. What are you going to do about it? 

But with my trusty WH Smith Watercolour pencils I shaded, painted until I was happy. I couldn’t find an ordinary paintbrush so I had to make do with a lipstick brush and hope for the best. 

To add the finishing touches, I added some fine liner to make the outline cleaner; and I also had some pretend gold leaf (very boojie I know) that I had from previous crafting, so I added various decoration  with that.  

And I am very happy with the result! The legs are a bit dodgy, but who cares?! So I encourage you, if there is anything creative that you have been wanting to do, but have been putting off, whether it’s because you lack confidence/embarrassment, you don’t have the time, or you think you don’t have the right materials – JUST DO IT!! Make the time, use what you have, make the leap. If it doesn’t work out, just try again. 

There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in nature, you just have to notice it!

Love Charlotte


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