A New Season Begins…

Over the past few days, as Septembers goes on, I have definitely noticed a change in the air. The nights are drawing in and are getting cooler (the  cold air is starting to catch the back of my throat). The world of Instagram has been transformed into squares of russet colours, chunky knitted knee high socks and hot chocolates, but in the real world, I think it is fair to say that we are anticipating this new season with more trepidation than ever before.

I often struggle with autumn, I think far more people experience SAD (*Seasonal Affective Disorder) than we realise. The lack of light can make us feel gloomy, which is why I think we cling on to the prospect of our holiday events; whether that be Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas – yes, Christmas. 

But this year, I am going to try and see the good parts of autumn; the fiery sunsets, the crispy leaves, stormy nights and misty mornings. And yes, the saccharine hot drinks that bombard social media. The new species of wildlife making an appearance after travelling thousands of miles to be here. 

What aspects of autumn do you look forward to most? What do you plan to enjoy this year?




*If you find that you are really struggling with SAD, please see your GP.

One thought on “A New Season Begins…

  1. I am looking forward to Autumn not only because my birthday falls in this season, but because I can continue to help nature by feeding the birds and helping our prickly friend the hedgehog to hibernate in our hedgehog box.


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