Today, Sir David Attenborough Joined Instagram.

So the legend that is Sir David Attenborough has launched a new way to encourage us to help the Natural World. 

After 60 years of working, in television, radio and literature, Sir Dave has now entered into the arena of Social Media. This is fantastic news as Instagram has such a massive audience, especially among young people, so this should help engage them with the plight of our planet.

We all know the dangers we are facing and the destruction we are causing, but let’s hope that there will be messages of hope and encouragement and rally a whole new generation who can help save our planet.

Thank you for all you do Sir David!




Apollo 8, Earth, taken on the Transearth Coast TEC, the terminator crosses Australia. India is visible. The sun reflection is within the Indian Ocean. Original Film Magazine was labeled F. Camera Data: 70mm Hasselblad. Lens 250mm; Film Type: Kodak SO-121 Color,ASA 50. Flight Date: December 21-27,1968. NASA Identifier: as08-15-2561

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