VOAK – Beautiful, Sustainable, Low Waste Candles.

Now anyone who knows me personally, knows that I love a good candle. They make everything feel so cosy and wholesome and of course it is a really nice way to scent your home.

Voak is a North Yorkshire company run by a lovely mother and daughter team; Vanessa and Adele. They started from scratch and have successfully managed to create these stunning products, and not only that, but create sustainable, affordable and low waste business which provides high quality products with a small impact on the environment. 

How fabulous is that? The scents they create are inspired by the natural world:

      • Heathland
      • Forager’s Path
      • Broad Skies
      • Riverbank 
      • Catching the Breeze

Don’t they sound idyllic?! I love how people are inspired by nature no matter what their interests.

Stunning VOAK Wild Briar Amber Candle – would make a lovely gift for Christmas! Ssshhh!

You can shop the products on their website by clicking here.

Follow them on Instagram – Here.

I really would recommend you having a look at Voak! Their products sound amazing and I can’t wait to make a purchase come pay day!



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