Hello December!

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all ok.

Well! We have made it to the final month of 2020! And what a year it has been? If I had a pound for every time  I heard that phrase, I wouldn’t have to worry about student finance, I’ll tell you that for free!

Now it is December, I guess there will be a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings going on in many people’s heads. From excitement for Christmas, to frustration at the restrictions and the sadness of not being able to see loved ones as you normally would, all on top  of the usual plethora of emotions that Christmas brings in a ‘normal’ year. 

But one thing that has been steadfast throughout all of this is nature. It has provided me with an escape from the stress and rollercoaster of events that have happened over the past 12 months. And I am sure it will continue to keep me right throughout the rest of the decade. When you get that tight, panicky, restricted feeling in your chest or your head feels full and foggy, the power of fresh air to help really makes all the difference.

Like many of us I don’t live in the middle of the countryside – we often visit, but I don’t just step out of my door into the wilderness. But that doesn’t matter – wildlife is everywhere. Notice the starlings on the rooftops, gulls catching the thermals and zooming around high up in the clouds, to even perhaps an urban fox? The animals and plants you see don’t have to be rare and flashy to constitute connecting to nature. You could notice a spiders web or a snail trail; moss climbing up a wall or the shape of a trees bare branches. It helps ground you, and makes you feel like your worries have been put back into proportion. 

So let’s make the best of this month. Appreciate the small things, sometimes they are the things that bring the most enjoyment.



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