Eco New Year!!

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Happy New Year everyone!

How are we all doing?  Now I know many of us are pleased to be in 2021, and perhaps this year we can be more eco-friendly. As the saying goes:

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”  

Here I will list a few ideas and small changes you can make that do make a difference!

1. Take Away Accessories

These are such an easy swap to make.

Metal straws are inexpensive, reusable and come in a variety of colours. You can take them (once everywhere opens again) to coffee shops and so on, especially if they don’t have paper straws available.

Also investing in a reusable coffee cup and water bottle is a very wise move. Many coffee shops etc will give you a discount off your drink for using a reusable coffee cup and will give you a free water refill if you ask for your bottle to be filled with tap water. 

Ecoffee cup


Metal Straws widely available

2. Eco Friendly Skincare and Accessories.

This is something that if everyone makes a small change, the effect will really add up. There are a number of brands that are committed to be coming more environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free. In 2018, the Beauty industry  made a total contribution to UK GDP worth £28.4 billion. So if brands keep making positive changes for the environment or consumers demand these changes to be made; it can make such a massive difference. 

Here are a few brands that are making a positive change:

Bramley Products

Bare Minerals

Bolt Beauty



Neal’s Yard

3. Cleaning

Products that we use to clean often contain harsh chemicals and a mix of plastics that can be difficult to recycle. In addition, as we witnessed at the beginning of Lockdown, toilet paper was stockpiled, and is something we take for granted. Who Gives A Crap discovered that 2 billion people do not have access to a toilet, which leads to the spread of disease and high mortality rates. They donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. 

Who Gives a Crap

Cleaning brands that are more environmentally focussed include:

Colt and Willow



Guppy Friend

Eco Egg

Many of these brands are better for the environment and even offer refills. You may also be able to access a refill shop, where you can get plastic free refills. 

So here are a few changes you can make. They are super easy and aesthetic too. Making 3 small changes will help you realise that they are not hard to make. Let me know what sustainable swaps you have made so far.



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