Charlotte’s Ramblings.

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I’m writing this on a chilly Saturday afternoon. 

While I was waiting for the tea in the teapot to brew, I was thinking of everything that is and has been going on. Probably not the best thing to be doing on a Saturday afternoon, but I couldn’t help but think about all of the things I should have done, or would be looking forward to do if it wasn’t for this pandemic. Time for my tablets I think.

As I pour the tea and hug the warm mug in  my hands, the steam swirled in front of the kitchen window. Looking through the fog, I looked at the Hydrangea bush we have just outside, which in summer has the most beautiful cloud like white blooms and vivid green foliage that bobs in the gentle summer breezes. Now, however, the sight is a little bleak; no flowers, no foliage. Just the remaining ice and snow clinging on through the last rays of winter sun. But I noticed little fronds of vivid green. 

This hydrangea outside the kitchen window has provided shelter for a number of species during the winter. On many an occasion, we have spotted various bird species from Coal Tits, Blue Tits and even Goldcrests hopping from branch to branch looking for a sheltering spider or fly. Now, we are heading towards spring – and we are. These green beacons are the proof. Warmer, balmier days are ahead. Good times are ahead. The outlook isn’t completely bleak. 

Once the last of the snow has melted, look for these signs of hope. The swelling buds on local trees, delicate snowdrops, and birds beginning to sing in the early morning. Right now we have to dig deep, but our reward will be to see our friends and loved ones, to travel, to push our comfort zones and achieve what we really want. 



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