Local, Ethical Clothing – Ivy and Rigg

Image from Ivy and Rigg Northumberland.

Fast fashion has become a phrase that is used all over the shop. And for good reason – fast fashion is responsible for around 10% of global gas emissions. 

It seems no surprise then, that more and more of us are looking to small, local companies who provide fantastic quality, environmentally friendly and ethical clothing.

Ivy and Rigg is a company I recently stumbled upon from my neck of the woods. Born in Northumberland, the company uses recycled or recyclable packaging made of natural materials. And an extra bonus, for every item of clothing sold, they donate £1 to wildlife charities; with the current charity being Red Squirrel Survival Trust. Northumberland is one of the last strongholds of the red squirrel; a truly iconic species. Previous charitable collaborations include Save the Rhino, The Ocean Cleanup, Australian Animal Rescue and Wildlife Act Focused Conservation.

If that wasn’t enough, for every item sold, 1 tree is planted in Madagascar. That won’t make a difference will it? Well, actually it does. For every tree planted, 40 kg of carbon will be offset during the lifetime of the tree.

I absolutely love how they champion northumbrian heritage, with every garment named after an iconic place: Bamburgh, Farne, Hadrian and Druridge. 

Be sure to check them out for quality country wear that can be worn in the city too. 

The new A/W 2021 collection is out now!



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