Trying Dry January? Why not give this alcohol free gin a go?

Warner’s Distillery.

0% Botanic Garden Spirits.

Image from Gin Mag.

There can be no doubt that a lot of us have indulged over the festive period. And why not? After the past few years, I think we all deserve to let our hair down.

HOWEVER!! By the end of the month, once the New Year hangover has (hopefully) subsided, I find that the thought of a fresh start for the new year is most welcome. But even if you don’t drink, this range is a great option for you. 

I’m not a massive drinker, and I find that during the week, if I don’t want an alcoholic drink, the ‘Pink Berry‘ choice of tipple is amazing in lemonade! I really would 100 % recommend!

Image from Virgin Wines.

I have been a champion of Warner’s distillery for quite some time now! They are so tasty, but there is far more to them than that, oh yes indeed!

90% of the ingredients that make up a delicious bottle are grown on the Warner’s farm in Northampton, and botanicals and other ingredients are farmed with nature in mind.  There are two options available:

    1. Pink berry.
    2. Juniper double dry.


Don’t just take it from me, this range has several awards too!

Pink Berry = The Low & No Masters – Gold 2021 and San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 – Silver

Juniper double dry = The Spirits Business Low & No Masters 2021 – Masters and San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 – Silver

Image from Warner’s Distillery.

If you are not too sure about buying a full sized bottle, you can get a taster bundle for £20.00 (see picture above) that allows you to try both flavour options, tonic and 2 tumblers. It’s a pretty good deal, I am tempted myself!


Let me know what you think and if you try them out!

Check out Warner’s Distillery social media here:

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