Hello and welcome to Foxglove and Bee. Thank you for visiting my little part of the internet!

My name is Charlotte and I am a 24 year old Zoologist, currently trying to enter the realms of Science Communication (sharp inhale of breath!).

In this blog you can expect to read about all manner of things related to nature, wildlife, eco-friendly lifestyle and beauty, because, we ourselves are not limited to one aspect in life. And there is no problem what.so.ever in loving nature and being passionate about encouraging others, saving the planet AND loving your ‘materialistic’ things. You don’t have to conform to a stereotype. You be you! You can still make a massive difference!

I hope this page will empower you to help nature and wildlife, doing your bit for the planet but in a way that is encouraging, not just telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing, but what you could. I also hope that I can allow you to rediscover the intrinsic value of nature. Nature is not Climate Change! You cannot take all the climate issues on your shoulders alone. If you are trying to help, that is good – and be proud of yourself. You may slip up, but don’t beat yourself up about it (no one is perfect!), just know that there is room to improve.

I also want to touch on how the natural world can be very beneficial for our mental health. For too long, mental health has been a taboo subject, but one which affects each and every one of us. Nature can be a great healer.

Ultimately we need nature’s help and nature needs ours.

I hope we can form a lovely community and support each other in helping the planet and nature in a positive, uplifting way!

Love Charlotte xx