Autumn days.

Autumn days.

Happy half term! This week means escape for many and a great opportunity to check in on your wellbeing, yout loved ones and nature. Get outside, go for a walk, forage for apples and blackberries (responsibly of course) and make a delicious apple and blackberry crumble! Watch the skies for migrating geese and as thr [...]

Poetry Mondays – The Reminder by Thomas Hardy.

The Reminder.   While I watch the Christmas blazePaint the room with ruddy rays,Something makes my vision glideTo the frosty scene outside. There, to reach a rotting berry,Toils a thrush, — constrained to veryDregs of food by sharp distress,Taking such with thankfulness. Why, O starving bird, when IOne day's joy would justify,And put misery out [...]

Exciting Update!

Let the Autumnal Festivities Begin! Hello everyone,   Hope you are all ok and keeping as positive as you can. I just want to let you know that as Half Term is here, I will be posting all sorts from crafts, activities and folklore stories etc all in relation to nature and wildlife to keep [...]