Championing Nature Education – Little Robin Education.

Image from Little Robin Education.

It is probably no surprise to you how important I believe nature education to be. Thankfully, I am not alone in this belief. Since starting my Instagram and blog, I have come across many fabulous people and small businesses dedicated to making a difference and to inspire young minds to learn about, appreciate and protect nature around them. 

Let me introduce you to the fantastic Little Robin Education

Founded by mum and biology teacher Dr Jenny Evans, Little Robin Education aims to teach young children about the natural world through active learning; combining her expert knowledge and photography; making learning fun and encouraging outdoor activities with all the family. 

Grounded in a Montessori theory, children are encouraged to be independent in their search for items matching the flashcards. As well as flashcards, there is a book club subscription box available to purchase. Subscriptions are divided into three age categories: Under 3, 3-7 and 8-12 years. 

Each age bracket has a book suitable to the age, and different clubs contain an activity booklet, a quiz booklet or a set of flashcards. 

Little Robin Education really is an amazing business to support. The products are practical and engaging. Even better, there’s no plastic in sight!

The flashcards are such a good idea; because of their compact size, you can take them out on any walk and are easy to carry in their little cotton pouch. Knowing that kids are taking an active interest in their environment, and are more likely to want to protect it as a result; it really is a fabulous way to get kids out into the fresh air and connect to nature. There are flashcards ranging from garden birds, minibeasts to beach facts and winter constellations.

Image from Little Robin Education.

Excitingly, there is a new edition to the Little Robin Education family, and one that I am particularly interested in.

Over the past year, Jenny has been putting together a curriculum for outdoor science and nature for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This curriculum is for the autumn term and  is aimed at children aged 3-6 years. It contains 13 lessons with links to the changing seasons.

As I am about to embark on a PGCE and would love to incorporate my passion for the natural world, this was a GIFT to hear about. As well as one for practitioners, there is also one aimed for home educators too. 


Practitioner’s Outdoor Science and Nature Curriculum EYFS Handbook Autumn Term – £50.00

Mindful Nature Walk Cards – £11.00

Garden Bird Flashcards – £10.00

Minibeast Fact Cards – £10.00

Check out the full range of products here!

From Little Robin Education Instagram.

Also check out her sister site for subscription boxes aimed at women who want to enjoy the mindfulness nature can bring, with a seasonal magazine written by like-minded women amongst other goodies:

Robin and Rose Nature:

  • A book to build your nature library

  • A curated magazine, written by women who love nature, for women who love nature

  • A simple mindfulness craft to bring nature into your home and way of life

  • A nature art print from a small business

  • Seeds to create a nature garden

  • A 5% donation to The People’s Trust for Endangered Species who Robin and Rose Nature is partnered with

Image from Robin and Rose Nature.

So I hope you have a look at the wonderful Little Robin Education and Robin and Rose Nature. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. There are some fantastic products available for children, and even for yourself too! What’s not to like?



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