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Hello and Welcome

Introductions! Hello! I would firstly like to thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet! I am very new to blogging, so please bear with me, I'm sure things will improve as they go! Anyway, enough rambling! I will be posting all sorts on here, from eco-friendly beauty to creative writing [...]

The Starling; A Master Mimicker and Murmuration Extraordinaire.

The Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is a bird that is often overlooked as it chatters away on TV aerials and rooftops.  Common as muck you would think right? Wrong. The Starling is currently on the 'Red List' in the UK, which is a cause of great concern. They really need your help.  They are quite small [...]

Poetry Mondays; Life Can Be The Sunshine by Erin Hanson Life can be the Sunshine. Life can be the sunshine, On peaceful days with bright blue skies, Or life can be the raindrops, That fall like tears squeezed from you eyes, Life can be the heaven, That you'll only reach through hell, Since you won't know that you're happy, If you've not been sad [...]

Spring Forward!

In case you haven't heard - the clocks have gone forward 1 hour. That means lighter days ahead (literally and hopefully figuratively).  To me, this is fabulous news. Longer evenings make me feel like I can be more productive - I will be less likely to want to curl up and call it a day [...]

Lacking Motivation.

Hello all, how are we doing?  Hope you are all ok. I suppose it was inevitable after a busy few weeks, but my levels of motivation have plummeted. With devastating news on the telly recently, and it still being rather cold, I fell like all of my energy has been zapped. It happens to all [...]